Mastergroup Holding has a substantial infrastructure accompanied with specialized teams, logistics and sound project management which place the group as a platform of reference in BRANDING PRODUCTION. The group’s executional excellence has become iconic and paved the way to receiving international awards such as “The majestic falcon award for quality and excellence” and the most recent GUINNESS world record holder.


The start was in 2000 covering lamination services only. A keen platform of relationships and solid determination have been the corner stone for significant growth year after year combined with vertical and horizontal expansions. It is the quality of leadership which shaped a unique operational model where entrepreneurship is the main pillar.

Scope of service

MASTERGROUP holding has a wide scope of products and complementary services covering digital printing, signage, wood & metal works, LED screens, turn key projects, exhibition and events managed by various specialized divisions.

Work flow

We shaped a flexible methodology to undertake projects aiming at exceeding growth expectations of our partners, vendors, resellers and brand builders. We are organized in a full structured divisions and teams so we perform tasks with a high service standard. Our divisions are complementary since we optimize delivered quality in restricted time frames.

Work philosophy

We CRAFT CREATIVE SOLUTIONS deploying technical knowledge, human capability and problem solving. We work in harmony to deliver, when is required, the unexpected.

Operational structure

The group is organized into several operational divisions which are fully structured with specialized materials & human capacity reaching 200 staff of various technical and behavior background: head of division, technical, designers, architects, engineers and laborers. These divisions are supported by an administrative platform covering HR, accounting, finance, logistics, sales & marketing, 3D drawings and architectural capacity. The advantage of such an operational model is to deliver various requests in parallel.

We Adopt A Simple Crafting Model

  • Building on ideas
  • Fitting different elements
  • Adding value in cost effective quality / price ratio
  • Executing as planned


We definitely pulled it off very nicely


Dear Mastergroup team,
On behalf of Cisco team, I would like to thank you once more for all your hard work and for your outstanding support throughout the preparation and delivery of the Cisco participation to SmartEx 2018.
We’ve had a few bumps along the way as would any project, however I sincerely appreciate your professional attitude and your dedication; we definitely pulled it off very nicely.
Thank you again and truly looking forward to future engagements.
Please do pass on the thanks to everyone on our team that I have had the pleasure of meeting during the show.

Diala El Joukhadar Khairallah

I really appreciate your efforts and professionalism

BLC Bank

Dear Raif,
I am writing this email to extend my appreciation towards for successful completion of ATM cladding on time and that too with great efficiency. I really appreciate your efforts and professionalism by which you have completed the project well on time. Once again would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication. I wish that you continue your spirit in the upcoming projects also. Best,

Hussein Kahloun, Senior Purchasing Officer
BLC Bank

Your team was fast, accurate and quick

Cheil Levant

Dear Hadi,
I would like to thank you and your team for your VIP visit job. Your team was fast, accurate and quick response.

Hussam Abu Laban, Project Manager
Cheil Levant

Your professionalism, efficiency, generosity and dedication are unequaled!

Your professionalism, efficiency, generosity and dedication are unequaled! It has been a great pleasure dealing with every single member of your team, who collectively work under one credo: ‘The Client is a real king at Mastergroup!’ So congratulations to the group and its Master for endorsing this philosophy!

Lara Hafez, Marketing Manager
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